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The history of Primitivo Collantes S.A.Winery dates back to the nineteenth century with the arrival of the brothers Tomás and Primitivo Collantes to Chiclana de la Frontera, from Valle de Iguña, in Santander.

Few years later, they acquire a winery in Ancha Street, No. 51 of this town, its current headquarters. This winery is popularly known as "El Gallo Winery."

Later, hard work leads to business expansion, through the acquisition of a site where the Aging Winery is currently located of these excellent wines.

The PrimitivoCollantes winery, located in Chiclana de la Frontera, is established as Collective Regular Company in the year 1,946.

In 1973 it was transformed into a public limited corporation, adapting their laws to the appropriate regulations in the year 1992, currently it turns under the name Primitivo Collantes, SA.

Wineries and Vineyards

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Both Processing Winery as Production Winery, where their wines breed and mature, are registered in the Regulatory Council of Jerez - Xeres– Sherry Certificate of Origin.

The Winery also produces and mature wine vinegars, also with the Jerez - Xeres– Sherry Certificate of Origin.

Our wineries are located in strategic locations which facilitate the movement of air currents from south and west from the Atlantic Ocean, providing a cool and wet environment, dark to avoid the effect of the sun and taking the night breezes with too much humidity, essential for the development of yeast.

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The Primitive Collantes SA Company owns the PozoGalván (17.30 ha.) Matlián (19.53 ha.) and el Inglés vineyards (18.31 ha.) in the town of Chiclana de la Frontera. They belong to the Production Area of the Appellation of the Jerez Certificate of Origin.

The age of the vine growing on these sites is similar to other famous sites of the Jerez - Xeres– Sherry Certificate of Origin. As a result of the historical development of these wines, always linked to Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlúcar de Barrameda or El Puerto de Santa María, the inclusion of the term of Chiclana de la Frontera was produced, in the Jerez wine Certificate of Origin, both for historical character reasons as technical nature.

The weather

As in the whole province, Chiclana enjoys a warm southern weather, bathed by the maritime environment from the Atlantic Ocean, which makes it the ideal place for aging “velo de flor” wine indispensable to the organoleptic characteristics of our wine that makes them light, fragrant, clean and slightly bitter taste.

The land

These vine-producing sites of white land are very traditional and very old as producers of the highest quality grapes of Chiclana. The main feature is its high humidity holding capacity, storing winter rainfall to nourish the grapevine in the dry months.


Aging is the final stage of our winemaking. It starts the called biological aging (velo de flor) through Aging and Vintage system, until achieving the organoleptic characteristics and analytical indices that define our exquisite wines.

· Fino Wine: it comes from the palomino fino grape. It is minimum 4 years old and a graduation between 15% and 18% VOL.

· Moscatel Wine: it comes from over mature and sunny grapes. It is minimum 4 years old and contains between 15 and 22% VOL.

· Amontillado Wine: it comes from complete fermentation of musts from palomino fino grape. It is minimum 10 years old and its alcohol content between 16 and 22% VOL of alcohol.

· Oloroso Wine: they born after a slight biological aging, it is minimum 12 years old and contains 17-22% VOL of alcohol.

· Cream Wine: they born from the combination of wines like Moscatel, Oloroso and Amontillado. With minimal age of between 10 and 12, it has an alcoholic content of between 15.5 and 22% VOL.

· Vinegar: old wine vinegar, obtained by acetous fermentation. Contains residual amounts of alcohol.

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· C/ Ancha 51

· 11130 - Chiclana, Cádiz, España

· Apartado Postal 14


· Phone. 1: 956 400 150
· Phone. 2: 956 400 767

· Fax: 956 400 150